Established in 2017 to help aspiring authors realize their dream of seeing their work in print.   We work with each author to ensure that the Editor, Illustrator and Book Design match the style and genre of the author and the work.

Our Featured Author

    Amy Gorman is the original shy girl. Growing up a quiet red-head laid the ground work for this treasured book. A book she completed the fall of 2014, ​​
a year before she passed away from her second battle with breast cancer.

    Amy developed her writing skills at Lehigh University, and her degree in Journalism led her to New York City where she worked as an editor for a small magazine. Whether it was making her way through campus, or navigating Central Park, Amy forged  lasting friendships on her regular runs. Craving some mountain air and more challenging terrain, she headed  out west and settled in Colorado, where she earned her graduate degree in Political Science.

    After finding her favorite running partner, Amy and her husband moved back East, to Ashburn, VA, so they could raise a family closer to her three sisters and parents. Though looking after her two daughters was her biggest passion, she still found time to pursue her love of writing doing freelance work